Eagle psychedelic

Eagle psychedelic
psychedelic fractal art
Eagle psychedelic

Happy Fractal Friday with Eagle psychedelic fractal art!  Art with a beautiful blend of colors and natural textures.  To create this art I first used fractal explorer software to create a fractal.  Along with this fractal I blended it together with my nature photography.  As you can see this photo is vibrant and full of energy.   This eagle soars to new heights of psychedelia!  Psynature (psychedelic + nature) is an interesting art form and one of my favorite creative endeavors.

Similarly please check out some of my other psychedelic designs.  Would you believe, my website photogallery contains more than 400 psychedelic, fractal, and mandala art photos!  You have to see them to believe them.

Photogallery webpage here!


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