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Welcome to nberg.net electronic MUSIC psychedelic FRACTAL space ART and NATURE photography.
Experience PARALLEL Worlds of ELECTRONICA music and glitch art by creator and composer NORA BERG.
This page will TRANSPORT you into my extensive NETWORK of webpages since 2002!
ENJOY and please share with all your friends. I am very grateful for your SUPPORT.

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White wolf
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"Trip to Mars" playlist on Soundcloud
How does humanity survive on planet Mars? How do we get there safely?
First we send robots to Mars to check out the atmospheric and physical conditions.
Humans will follow the robots once we have learned how to survive on the Mountains of Mars.
It will be an amazing adventure on our journey to the Red Planet!
Enjoy my inspiration for this "Trip to Mars" playlist and please share with your friends. Thanks everyone!
We are evolving into multidimensional beings so get out there and participate in this magical cosmic journey!

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