Karma botanical deep dream and glitch

Karma botanical deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Karma botanical deep dream and glitch

Sharing this karma botanical deep dream image with you today.  I created this art using Dreamscope app on a Fractal Explorer fractal.  As shown above Karma botanical deep dream takes you on a soul journey into the colors of deep purple karma and its manifestations.

Cosmic Karma Plant Glitch
glitch art

Glitch art is another way to enhance your fractals.  It adds another dimension to this cosmic karma plant with all its waves and vibrations!  There are many glitch apps available and they are fun to use.

Cosmic Karma Plant Glitch 2
glitched again

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Good Karma to everyone today and everyday. 🙂

Deep space flower mandala here!

Cosmic Karma Plant
original Cosmic Karma Plant fractal

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