Elemental Forest deep dream

Elemental forest deep dream
deep dream image of Elemental Forest
Elemental forest deep dream

Elemental forest deep dream neural net image .  Look carefully as you walk in the forest and you may see Elementals.  They are everywhere.  Sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us.  Walking in the deep forest is an example of this.  We only see what is meant to be seen but if we sit quietly for a time then forest creatures will appear out of their hiding places.

This deep dream fractal image that was made using deep dream app.  This is an AI program which makes it interesting and always creates art that is very unique.

Cathedral Forest deep dream
Cathedral Forest deep dream art

In the tallest trees you can see the elemental creatures of the deep dream forest.  Awareness is everywhere.  Look up and see what’s there.

Forest Creek deep dream art
Forest Creek deep dream art

Deep dream forest creeks are teeming with life.  Look deeply and you may be inspired.

Try and be creative yourself today.  It will make you feel better!

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Beach Dog Vancouver Island

Beach dog
Life’s a beach!
Beach dog Vancouver Island

An awesome day to enjoy the beach with your best friend – beach dog Vancouver Island!  Go play outside 🙂

Beach dog BLACK LAB
Go Play Outside!

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My black Labrador dog loves the beach.  Black Beauty will go anytime you want her to.  She especially loves her beach toy and will retrieve it for you when you throw it in the ocean.

Beach dog love
Beach dog love

Going to the beach with my dog is always a fantastic time for both of us.  Beach energy makes you feel wonderful.  The sand is soft on your feet and the air is fresh!
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Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Happy Fractal Friday everyone!   I have a passion for purple today with this fractal – Ultraviolet Cosmic karma.  Fractal creation thanks to Fractal Explorer and Paintshop Pro.

Have an awesome weekend and remember to save some time for your creativity.  Good cosmic karma to you if you follow my blog! 😉

Also please check out this cool psychedelic circle mandala below.  I added a little glitch to make it more interesting.

Psychedelic circle mandala
psychedelic fractal art

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