Englishman River Provincial Park on Canada Day

Englishman River on Canada Day
Englishman River fun
Englishman River Park

A beautiful summer day at Englishman River Provincial Park on Canada Day. Lots of young peeps swimming in the cool waters or just hanging out.

Large tree hug
Large Douglas Fir tree hug

The Douglas Firs trees along the banks of the river are hundreds of years old and they enjoy hugs.

Smiling stone face
Smiling stone face

This happy stone face greets you at the top of the hill heading towards the falls.  It is hard not to smile back at him on this fantastic day of celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!

Englishman River Falls nature photography
Englishman River waterfall

Beautiful waterfalls end your amazing nature journey on the trail.  A suspension bridge takes you across the river, offering you an awesome view of the Englishman River waterfall.

I highly recommend this trail at Englishman River Provincial Park but it is steep going down and coming back up so make sure you are in good physical condition.  The trails are well-kept and safe to walk on.

Englishman River Fall Reflections here

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