Panda mandala vibes

Panda mandala VIBES

Happy Giant Panda Mandala Vibes Monday everyone!

This panda creates a fractal mandala with many layers and textures. “If you look carefully you will see fractal butterflies and beetles” … an entomologist comments to herself. ☺

I hope this fractal art will inspire you to be creative in your greatness.  🙂

Panda mandala
psychedelic mandala

I’m having so much fun I thought I would share another mandala.  Particularly psychedelic I would say!   With this in mind I think it is your turn to create an animal mandala.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein said.

Panda mandala 2
Psychedelic fractal art

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One more panda mandala for you to enjoy below!

Panda mandala vibes blue
Panda mandala vibes blue

Bear mandala here



Eagle Crest beach deep dream

Eagle Crest Beach Deep Dream

Eagle Crest Beach deep dream vibes…looking forward to spending time on the beach!  Digital AI deep dream art is fun to try.  I use the internet website for my art.

Eagle Crest beach deep dream
Eagle Crest beach deep dream

Eagle Crest beach is a local beach on the east side of Vancouver Island.  Lots of sun and sand and ocean here!  This beach is a fantastic inspiration for a deep dream image.

Eagle Crest Beach deep dream love
Eagle Crest Beach deep dream love

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Have a great weekend everyone and keep dreaming! 🙂

Terrace Beach sunset botanical deep dream here

Secret Beach Sunset

Secret Beach sunset
Secret Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Canada
Secret Beach Sunset

When I was living on the Sunshine Coast I remember the above Secret Beach sunset as spectacular!  We had a collie dog who loved to swim so we would come down to the beach in the evening most days.  She loved to swim and chase the stick into the water.  I am very grateful to be able to live on the waterfront for a few years.  With the ocean beside you life begins to become a series of waves – peaceful and calm.  I really appreciate Zen chill out  at the end of the day.

Secret Beach sunset love
beautiful sunset on the Sunshine Coast of Canada

As you can see a beautiful orange glow shines off the ocean in the above sunset photo.  There are many small pebbles on the beach.  When the ocean waves roll in you can hear the sound of these pebbles as they roll on the beach.  It was a very memorable experience to live in such a fantastic place.

Sunshine Coast equals = good memories and great nature. 🙂

Vancouver Island beaches here for those of you who love the beach!

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Lava Heart New Music Release

New Music Release Lava Heart
New Electronic Music Release
New music release Lava Heart

Introducing to you for the first time, New Music Release Lava Heart!  Here is an electronic dance song to remind you that summer is still here in the northern hemisphere. Lava Heart is an experiment in energy and passion.  Also, I have added minimal vocal samples to bring in a human element to this house song.  Enjoy listening to my new song and if you like it please share with your friends and family.  I am very grateful that you have taken the time to visit my Ecotones blog.
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Mushroom garden fractal vibes

Mushroom garden fractal
Mushroom garden fractal
Mushroom garden fractal vibes
Mushroom Garden Fractal Vibes

Come walk in my psychedelic cosmic garden. 🙂
Fractal Explorer mushroom fractals with a touch of Paint Shop Pro.

mushroom fractal psychedelic
mushroom fractal glow

There is something special about mushrooms.  I randomly created these fractals which tells me they are part of the intelligent design of all living things!

Check out some cool fractal glitch art below.

Fractal Mushrooms Glitch art
Fractal Mushrooms Glitch art

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Deep Space Flower mandala here

psybient waters
Psybient Waters ambient music –