Ghost pipe plant is cool

Ghost pipe mushrooms
Ghost pipe plant flowers (Monotropa uniflora)
Ghost Pipe Plant

Otherworldly, but oh so cool is the Ghost pipe plant (Monotropa uniflora).   Also known as Pipe or Corpse plant these flowers were in the deep forest on a slope by a stream. I have only seen this species of plant one other time in my lifetime. That was on Cypress mountain in 2008 during a field trip.  Tim Burton comes to mind as well as Dr. Suess 🙂


Ghost pipe in 2020 has multiplied in numbers of plants.  Everywhere I look in the deep forest I see patches of them here or there.  Too cool!

Perhaps they are here for a reason?  I have recently read about their pain-killing capabilities.  Maybe they are here to ease the pain of COVID…who knows?  Research it yourself if you are interested.

ghost pipe beauty
ghost pipe 2020 update

Psychedelic mushroom here!

I love the pure white beauty of a new patch of ghost pipe.  They are easy to spot in a dark forest.  Are there ghost pipe in your area?  Please comment if you see some!

ghost pipe 2020
Lots of ghost pipe in 2020!

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ghost Pipe duo

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