Panda mandala vibes

Panda mandala VIBES

Happy Giant Panda Mandala Vibes Monday everyone!

This panda creates a fractal mandala with many layers and textures. “If you look carefully you will see fractal butterflies and beetles” … an entomologist comments to herself. ☺

I hope this fractal art will inspire you to be creative in your greatness.  🙂

Panda mandala
psychedelic mandala

I’m having so much fun I thought I would share another mandala.  Particularly psychedelic I would say!   With this in mind I think it is your turn to create an animal mandala.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein said.

Panda mandala 2
Psychedelic fractal art

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One more panda mandala for you to enjoy below!

Panda mandala vibes blue
Panda mandala vibes blue

Bear mandala here



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