Amanita muscaria mushroom

Amanita muscaria
Amanita muscaria mushroom
Amanita muscaria

Walking through the forest today I came upon a beautiful mushroom known as Amanita muscaria  .   With its stunning red with white spots this mushroom definitely looks vibrant.   Nature is indeed exciting and often full of many surprises.  In addition there are psychoactive properties associated with this mushroom when it is eaten.   It is well know that squirrels will have a few bites of this forest mushroom.  I guess we will just have to ask the squirrels about this psychoactive claim!

Amanita mushroom trippy deep dream
trippy deep dream image

I love the above image of a deep dream Amanita.  It illustrates that the forest floor is alive and occupied by mythical life forms that we can only imagine!  When we are walking through a forest we do not see a lot of the creatures that live there.  Sit down in a forest for a short while and you will often see the creatures of the forest reveal themselves to you.  By being silent you will notice a lot of small movements of the forest creatures like birds, banana slugs and small rodents.  If you are patient you will always be rewarded!

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Chaster Falls Inception Deep Dream

Chaster Falls Inception
Chaster Falls Inception
Deep dream image
Chaster Falls Inception Deep Dream

Chaster Falls Inception is perfect deep nature for a deep dream artificial intelligence image.  You never really know what kind of creatures are present in nature and the deep dream application brings them out for you to see!  Keep in mind that these are not real lifeforms but they have been created by computers that are sensitive to Elemental vibrations.

Created using Dreamscope and Deep Dream GeneratorAI apps.

Chaster Creek deep dream
deep dream realities

Taking nature back to an Elemental dream scape.  Deep forests reveal hidden treasures!

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Chaster Falls Sunshine Coast
original  photo

The original Chaster Falls photo above has many elements that has helped to create an interesting deep dream image.  Obviously deep nature photography is going to give you the best results.  Besides being in so remote a location this waterfall is bursting with all that we admire in nature – good vibes and conscious healing qualities.

Chaster Creek deep dream 2
reality is just an illusion

Take a hike in nature and enjoy all the goodness that comes out.  We need this natural energy to grow and heal so that we become all that we can be.  I find such inspiration in nature that it is impossible for me to live in a large urban center.  Find some Zen time in the wilderness and feel better for it!

Chaster Creek deep dream 3
Chaster Creek deep dream AI image

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Botanical Dimensions New Music Release

Botanical Dimensions - new music release
New techno electronic music release
Botanical Dimensions New Music Release

I am happy to share with you Botanical Dimensions New Music Release, something brand new for your listening pleasure tonight!  Without doubt, a brand new music composition to introduce you to the science of plants.

Importantly Botanical Dimensions takes you on an organic-infused  electronic techno music journey.   Along with some evolving piano textures this musical journey morphs into an enveloping deep forest dub vibe.

In addition, plants are everywhere on this planet and they live very specialized lives differing from our own.  Importantly, they are vibrant and energetic lifeforms, and  we are just beginning to realize their communication abilities above and below the ground.   Furthermore, take the time to listen to these botanical lifeforms and enter into their realm.  Their silent world is maybe not as it seems but it is peaceful and serene here in botanical dimensions.

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Spider Lake fall reflections

Spider Lake fall Reflections
Beautiful fall Reflections
Spider Lake fall reflections

It was a lovely day to catch the Spider Lake fall reflections.  The water was very calm and a beautiful shade of blue.   Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality. You can really feel that here.

This park is very peaceful and quiet – a real zen zone.  I always enjoy the fresh air and clarity of the water.

Spider Lake fall reflections
Spectacular fall scenery

This area was previously a gravel pit and now it is a fantastic recreation area for fisherman, kayaks, paddle boards, and swimmers.  It is a good example of industrial land converted back into nature!

A short drive north of Parksville in the center of Vancouver Island, makes this a great place to visit.  Nearby are the Horne Lake Caves which are equally as fun and interesting to visit.  Please check out more in my blog post below.

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Radioactive psychedelic fractal

Radioactive psychedelic fractal
Psychedelic fractal art
Radioactive psychedelic fractal

A radioactive psychedelic fractal to brighten your day!
Fractal Explorer software was used for this psychedelic art.  It is easy software to learn.  For the most part I think this fractal looks similar to the radioactive symbol that is used in the science industry.

Below I created a psychedelic fractal column for fun.  If one were to climb this column it would be particularly hard to focus on the task at hand.  Meanwhile all that psychedelic color coming at you!  Afterward one may feel quite the uplift in energy.   A real color burst!

Psychedelic Fractal Column
Psychedelic Fractal Column

In essence the more colorful and vibrant the fractal the better it makes us feel.  Above all psychedelic fractal art combines lots of beautiful vibes.  With this in mind it’s time to create your own psychedelic fractals.   Try using your amazing imagination!

Psychedelic cell
Psychedelic cell fractal art

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