Birds deep dream art

birds in deep dream 1
Stellar’s Jay in cave paint deep dream
Birds in deep dream Art

I have been creating some birds in deep dream art using the cave paint settings on Dreamscope.  Almost a tribal feel to the photos now.  The Stellar’s Jay is now nestled in an AI world filled with safari color references.

Original Stellar’s Jay photo here!

birds deep dream 2
Eagles in cave paint deep dream

Birds in Deep Dream 2 here!

Eagles blend in nicely with the cave paint setting.  The interpretation by the AI program really enhances the textures and blends the images well.  I really enjoy the perceptions of the AI deep dream.  It has taken nature photography to a whole new level!

Eagle psychedelic here!

Flicker botanical deep dream
Flicker botanical deep dream image here

Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

Lucifer flowers inception deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

In my garden I find inspiration for this Lucifer flowers inception deep dream image.  I let the fine digital eye of deep dream Artificial Intelligence take my photo to deeper levels of consciousness.  Similarly as we gaze into our gardens we witness the physical colors of consciousness.

Deep dream red flower
deep dream love

As you can see flower power is always present in our garden blooms.  With their vibrant colors and textures we are mesmerized by their beauty.  Furthermore we are always admiring their presence throughout the seasons.

lucifer flower deep dream 2
deep dream art

Have a great day everyone and remember to support your favorite local artist.  We need you to keep us inspired! 🙂

One last deep dream image for you that is also glitched!

red lucifer glitch

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Original Lucifer flowers in the backyard forest here!

Turkey tail mushrooms deep dream image here!

Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix

Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix
New techno music!
Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix

I am excited to announce my new techno music release Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix!  Out in the deep cosmos space and music merge into a deep techno experience.  In addition there is some eccentric synthesizer experimentation with evolving textures.  Together with electronic beats, emotive atmospherics create an electric universe with psychedelic vibes!

I hope you enjoy this song and please share it with your friends!

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Nora 🙂

Alpha CenTauri LISTEN HERE:

Also Black Beauty Cosmic Nirvana mix here

African elephant mandala

African elephant mandala
Fractal mandala vibes
African elephant mandala

Today’s animal mandala is an African elephant mandala.  A beautiful and majestic fractal coupled with a mammal of grand proportions from the continent of Africa.  As you can see there is a magnificence of large proportions in this beastly art.  I can only imagine coming face to face with this beautiful creature!  All in all it would be an unforgettable experience.

Elephant mandala
Elephant mandala psychedelic

Equally important I wish to say Happy Mandala Monday everyone!
Have a great start to the week and keep on being creative!

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Also please check out a Panda mandala here!

More psychedelic art and designs on my Starfactory web page below!


Surfing at Pacific Rim National Park

Surfing Pacific Rim National Park
Surfing at Pacific Rim National Park
Surfing at Pacific Rim National Park

A beautiful fall surfing experience in Pacific Rim National Park.
Celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday all year on the ocean waves.
This is a true nature experience on the edge of the Pacific rainforest.
I hope to make it back here real soon! 🙂

Surfing at Florencia Bay
Surfing at Florencia Bay

Lots of beach time at Florencia Bay located in the Pacific Rim National Park.  The surf is best in the winter months but gentle waves are present in all seasons.  Always check the conditions before heading out for a surf session.

Paddleboard Florencia Bay
Paddle-boarding at Florencia Bay

Another popular beach to surf at in the National park is at Wickaninnish Beach.  The beach is endless and the views are spectacular.  You can take a surf lesson here and check out the local visitor center and museum.  Life’s a beach!

Wickaninnish beach surf
Wickaninnish beach surf

Surfing at Pacific Rim is an unforgettable experience that will give you many fond memories of the incredible nature and surf.    Remember to go play outside and take your friends and family with you!

Go play outside
Go play outside at Pacific Rim National Park

Wickaninnish Beach more photos here!

More surfing on You Tube!