Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

Lucifer flowers inception deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

In my garden I find inspiration for this Lucifer flowers inception deep dream image.  I let the fine digital eye of deep dream Artificial Intelligence take my photo to deeper levels of consciousness.  Similarly as we gaze into our gardens we witness the physical colors of consciousness.

Deep dream red flower
deep dream love

As you can see flower power is always present in our garden blooms.  With their vibrant colors and textures we are mesmerized by their beauty.  Furthermore we are always admiring their presence throughout the seasons.

lucifer flower deep dream 2
deep dream art

Have a great day everyone and remember to support your favorite local artist.  We need you to keep us inspired! 🙂

One last deep dream image for you that is also glitched!

red lucifer glitch

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Original Lucifer flowers in the backyard forest here!

Turkey tail mushrooms deep dream image here!

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