Apollo New Chill Out Electronic Music Release

Apollo New Chill Out Music Release
Apollo New Chill Electronic Music from Nora Berg
Apollo New Chill Electronic Music Release

I am happy to announce Apollo New Chill Electronic Music Release!  Please enjoy the smooth piano tones with minimal chill synthesizers and down tempo beats.  Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach catching the last rays of the day with the gentle waves washing ashore.  Above all, Apollo the God of the Sun has inspired these organic-infused electronic grooves.

Also a big thank you for your support and please share with your friends!

Apollo music  LISTEN HERE:

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Horne Lake Adventure

Horne Lake Adventure
Horne Lake Adventure
Beautiful Horne Lake

On a beautiful Saturday morning we decided to head out on a Horne Lake Adventure.

Horne Lake
Beach view

A lovely view of the lake from the beach.  Great picnic sites are available with fire pits.

Horne Lake Cave entrance
Horne Lake Main Cave entrance

Hiking up to the Horne Lake Caves we travel through an ancient mossy Pacific rain forest in its perfection.  The Main cave entrance is unique in its unfolding columns of stone.

Horne Lake Cave
Entering the main cave

We didn’t have our flashlights with us to explore the inside of the cave but it was exciting to poke our heads in!

Inner Main Cave
Just inside the cave entrance

We really had a great Horne Lake Adventure and we are already planning our next one.

Terrace Beach Lookout here!