Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey Fractal

Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey Fractal
Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey
psychedelic fractal art

I used Fractal Explorer to create the above Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey fractal.  I love the infinite possibilities of this software.  The colors are vibrant and the feeling is wow!

Cosmic mushroom odyssey mandala 1
Beautiful mandala created from original fractal

Creating the above mandala brings about a psychedelic vibe to the fractal art.  In addition new fractals are formed within the mandala art.


Cosmic mushroom odyssey mandala 2
Similarly another vibrant mandala

As you can see there are many mandalas that one can create from a single fractal.  Mandalas can help expand one’s consciousness.   This in turn can help you feel better and also help you cope with life’s craziness!  Meditate on your favorite mandala today and let me know the results.  Additionally please leave me a comment!

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Thank you for checking out my fractals.  I am very grateful for your support!


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