Bear mandala

Bear mandala
Animal mandala
Bear mandala

Happy Mandala Monday people with this bear mandala!  Original fractal created using fractal explorer.  I have so much fun creating!

Bear mandala tree
Bear mandala tree

Above is another Bear mandala mossy tree fractal.  I know that bears are at home in the forest so I wanted a nature mandala.

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Also African elephant mandala here

I have been creating mandalas and fractal art on line since 2009. Please share with your friends and have an awesome week.

Also please support your favorite artists and musicians.  We can not survive without your love and support.  We create for you!

Panda mandala here!

Karma botanical deep dream and glitch

Karma botanical deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Karma botanical deep dream and glitch

Sharing this karma botanical deep dream image with you today.  I created this art using Dreamscope app on a Fractal Explorer fractal.  As shown above Karma botanical deep dream takes you on a soul journey into the colors of deep purple karma and its manifestations.

Cosmic Karma Plant Glitch
glitch art

Glitch art is another way to enhance your fractals.  It adds another dimension to this cosmic karma plant with all its waves and vibrations!  There are many glitch apps available and they are fun to use.

Cosmic Karma Plant Glitch 2
glitched again

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Good Karma to everyone today and everyday. 🙂

Deep space flower mandala here!

Cosmic Karma Plant
original Cosmic Karma Plant fractal

Sengen Sama fractal art

fractal art
Sengen Sama fractal art

Fractal art representing Sengen-Sama the Japanese Shinto Goddess of Mt. Fujiyama.  Climb the sacred mountain to attain inner guidance and perspective on your life.  As the flower buds mature, try to find growth and maturity in your own life.  Spiritually we grow as we navigate the mountain paths. Twisting and turning,  we slowly gain elevation to the temple Goddess.  In essence, together we greet the rising sun on this sacred mountain knowing that each day we are grateful to begin again.  Many lessons are learned on this sacred mountain journey.  These lessons continue throughout our lives so that we may teach others.

Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala
Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala

Above the energy mandala I created projects an aura of cosmic awareness.  Color is a spiritual healer and that is why art is so important to humans.

The colors below remind me of the ocean.  I like to create fractals that are inspired by nature.  Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality.

Ringmaker fractal art
Ringmaker fractal art

Please support the arts in your community to inspire others to create and share their talents.  Many artists are shy and they need to be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

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More fractal art here – Grand Julian fractal

Deep space flower mandala here

Ecotones organic techno

Ecotones-music art and nature
Ecotones – organic techno
Ecotones organic techno

Please check out my new release Ecotones Organic Techno!  It has inspired me to create this new blog “Ecotones”.   “Ecotones” are present everywhere and all you have to do is listen to nature and embrace the zen and chill out vibes.  You’ll feel  better for it.

I am looking forward to developing this blog into a new music , fractal art and nature photography sensation.  At least it is a fantastic outlet for my creativity.

Jamaica mandala vibes here!

In light of this new release please support your local musicians!

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Listen to “Ecotones” is  here:

Please listen to Lava Heart here!