Parksville Wetlands walk

Parksville wetland maple tree sunshine
Parksville Wetlands walk

It was a wonderful summer day to have a Parksville Wetlands walk.  A great place to enjoy many different species of plants, animals and fungi.

Parksville Wetlands Walk
Great trails for dogs

A short distance to the trail head we passed through rolling meadows with hard hack blooming.  There is a gravel trail to walk on that changes into a soft forest path as you enter the main trail.  Also there is a sign so you know you are in the right place!

wetland meadows
wetland meadows

Over the railroad track and into the forest we go.  No trains are running on this track today but maybe one day the train will go by as it use to.

railroad tracks
old railroad tracks

The Oceanspray was blooming and the white flowers were draped everywhere on the paths.  I felt like I was in a magic forest.  It was very enchanting.

Enchanted forest
Enchanted forest

Beautiful red columbine flowers were also in bloom.  They are vibrant red in color so they really stand out.

Wetland Flowers
Red Columbine and Oceanspray blooms

In conclusion, I am very thankful for all these day trails in the Parksville area.  Easily accessible and a great place to find peace and serenity.  Chill out time in nature is important to body, mind and soul.

Also Enos Lake hike here!

Ghost Pipe Plant Deep Dream

Ghost Pipe deep dream charcoal
Ghost Pipe deep dream blue
deep dream psychedelic image
Ghost Pipe Plant Deep Dream

A weekly deep dream session featuring ghost pipe plant deep dream images.  This plant is strange to begin with and then you add a little artificial intelligence.  Amazing psy-nature images.

Ghost Pipe deep dream charcoal
deep dream “charcoal” setting

These interesting ghost pipe plants live in deep woods and they are rare.  Most of the plant is below the surface with only the flowers and stems rising above the earth.

Ghost Pipe plant deep dream coral
Deep dream coral effect

I love the way deep dream apps morph their subjects to create very unusual and unique abstracts.  This coral or bone setting really brings out the detail.  Monotropa uniflora is an artists dream plant.

Ghost pipe plant deep dream garden
deep dream abstract garden

Lots of gardens in bloom right now on Vancouver Island my home.  The above image creates a deep dream garden of abstract ghost pipe plant flowers.  Almost looks like a stained glass panel.

Ghost pipe plant deep dream trip
awesome but a little bit trippy deep dream image

The flowers of the ghost pipe plant take on an alien appearance with this deep dream image.  It really helps you to believe that the woods are alive!  Take a walk in the deep woods and get inspired by the unique nature that surrounds you!

Original ghost pipe plant here!

Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

Lucifer flowers inception deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Lucifer flowers inception deep dream

In my garden I find inspiration for this Lucifer flowers inception deep dream image.  I let the fine digital eye of deep dream Artificial Intelligence take my photo to deeper levels of consciousness.  Similarly as we gaze into our gardens we witness the physical colors of consciousness.

Deep dream red flower
deep dream love

As you can see flower power is always present in our garden blooms.  With their vibrant colors and textures we are mesmerized by their beauty.  Furthermore we are always admiring their presence throughout the seasons.

lucifer flower deep dream 2
deep dream art

Have a great day everyone and remember to support your favorite local artist.  We need you to keep us inspired! 🙂

One last deep dream image for you that is also glitched!

red lucifer glitch

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Original Lucifer flowers in the backyard forest here!

Turkey tail mushrooms deep dream image here!

Lupin Flower mandala


Happy Mandala Monday with this Lupin Flower mandala art!  A great start to the week with some flower power!  Especially gorgeous with great vibes all around you.

Lupin flower mandala
Lupinus flower power

For the most part fractals are easy and fun to create.  I use Paint shop Pro software on my original flower photos.   I apply the Kaleidoscope effect and voila instant mandala!

Lupins mandala
Flower power

Above this mandala has a particularly purple theme.  Beautiful flower blossoms multiplied into a unique arrangement.  Mandala art is cool!

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Turkey tail mushrooms mandala here



Ghost pipe plant is cool

Ghost pipe beauty
Ghost pipe mushrooms
Ghost pipe plant flowers (Monotropa uniflora)
Ghost Pipe Plant

Otherworldly, but oh so cool is the Ghost pipe plant (Monotropa uniflora).   Also known as Pipe or Corpse plant these flowers were in the deep forest on a slope by a stream. I have only seen this species of plant one other time in my lifetime. That was on Cypress mountain in 2008 during a field trip.  Tim Burton comes to mind as well as Dr. Suess 🙂


Ghost pipe in 2020 has multiplied in numbers of plants.  Everywhere I look in the deep forest I see patches of them here or there.  Too cool!

Perhaps they are here for a reason?  I have recently read about their pain-killing capabilities.  Maybe they are here to ease the pain of COVID…who knows?  Research it yourself if you are interested.

ghost pipe beauty
ghost pipe 2020 update

Psychedelic mushroom here!

I love the pure white beauty of a new patch of ghost pipe.  They are easy to spot in a dark forest.  Are there ghost pipe in your area?  Please comment if you see some!

ghost pipe 2020
Lots of ghost pipe in 2020!

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ghost Pipe duo