Magnetic Fields Fractals

Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields fractal
Magnetic Fields Fractals

Attraction or repulsion?  Magnetic Fields are everywhere and they are one aspect of electromagnetic force.   They stand as one of the fundamental forces of nature.  Scroll up and down and see the magnetic fields fractal moving!

Magnetic fields 2
psychedelic 🙂

Fractals and magnetic fields go well together.  Creating them is fun and something you could try.

magnetic Fields 3
good vibrations

Sometimes a little more color is a good thing.  Keeps the mind clear and focused!  Best therapy ever!

psychedelic particle power
psychedelic fractal art

Psychedelic particle power fractal above.  Even though quite small these particles pack a lot of power!

I created this fractal using Paint shop Pro software.  Also Fractal Explorer.

Have a great day and always be creative!  🙂

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