Birds deep dream art

birds in deep dream 1
Stellar’s Jay in cave paint deep dream
Birds in deep dream Art

I have been creating some birds in deep dream art using the cave paint settings on Dreamscope.  Almost a tribal feel to the photos now.  The Stellar’s Jay is now nestled in an AI world filled with safari color references.

Original Stellar’s Jay photo here!

birds deep dream 2
Eagles in cave paint deep dream

Birds in Deep Dream 2 here!

Eagles blend in nicely with the cave paint setting.  The interpretation by the AI program really enhances the textures and blends the images well.  I really enjoy the perceptions of the AI deep dream.  It has taken nature photography to a whole new level!

Eagle psychedelic here!

Flicker botanical deep dream
Flicker botanical deep dream image here

Chaster Falls Inception Deep Dream

Chaster Falls Inception
Chaster Falls Inception
Deep dream image
Chaster Falls Inception Deep Dream

Chaster Falls Inception is perfect deep nature for a deep dream artificial intelligence image.  You never really know what kind of creatures are present in nature and the deep dream application brings them out for you to see!  Keep in mind that these are not real lifeforms but they have been created by computers that are sensitive to Elemental vibrations.

Created using Dreamscope and Deep Dream GeneratorAI apps.

Chaster Creek deep dream
deep dream realities

Taking nature back to an Elemental dream scape.  Deep forests reveal hidden treasures!

In addition Mushroom garden fractal vibes here!

Chaster Falls Sunshine Coast
original  photo

The original Chaster Falls photo above has many elements that has helped to create an interesting deep dream image.  Obviously deep nature photography is going to give you the best results.  Besides being in so remote a location this waterfall is bursting with all that we admire in nature – good vibes and conscious healing qualities.

Chaster Creek deep dream 2
reality is just an illusion

Take a hike in nature and enjoy all the goodness that comes out.  We need this natural energy to grow and heal so that we become all that we can be.  I find such inspiration in nature that it is impossible for me to live in a large urban center.  Find some Zen time in the wilderness and feel better for it!

Chaster Creek deep dream 3
Chaster Creek deep dream AI image

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Turkey Tail mushrooms deep dream

turkey tail mushroom deepdream blue
Turkey Tail Mushrooms deep dream
Turkey Tail Mushrooms deep dream
Turkey tail mushrooms

These Turkey tail mushrooms deep dream come alive with the Deep dream app Dreamscope.

deep dream color vibes

Nature contains many realities.  These realities exist for your peace of mind.

turkey tail mushroom deepdream blue
avatar glow

Original Turkey tail mushrooms photo here!

Lots of fun creating these deep dream images.  I feel good!

turkey tail mushroom deep dream black and white
dreaming in black and white with minimal color

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Sengen Sama fractal art

fractal art
Sengen Sama fractal art

Fractal art representing Sengen-Sama the Japanese Shinto Goddess of Mt. Fujiyama.  Climb the sacred mountain to attain inner guidance and perspective on your life.  As the flower buds mature, try to find growth and maturity in your own life.  Spiritually we grow as we navigate the mountain paths. Twisting and turning,  we slowly gain elevation to the temple Goddess.  In essence, together we greet the rising sun on this sacred mountain knowing that each day we are grateful to begin again.  Many lessons are learned on this sacred mountain journey.  These lessons continue throughout our lives so that we may teach others.

Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala
Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala

Above the energy mandala I created projects an aura of cosmic awareness.  Color is a spiritual healer and that is why art is so important to humans.

The colors below remind me of the ocean.  I like to create fractals that are inspired by nature.  Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality.

Ringmaker fractal art
Ringmaker fractal art

Please support the arts in your community to inspire others to create and share their talents.  Many artists are shy and they need to be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

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