Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach
Life's a beach
Life’s a beach
beach life for dogs

Life’s a beach on the Sunshine Coast of Canada! I had many years on the beach with this beautiful collie! Enjoy the day and try to get out for some beach time with your best friend! 🙂

Boxer dog Lifes a beach
Boxers love the beach too!

Parksville Beach is a lovely way to spend time with your Boxer dog. Lots of Boxer silliness can erupt out on the sand!

Life's A Beach Puppy
Puppy love on the beach

I need some puppy love on Rathrevor Beach, Vancouver Island.  Bring your energy to the beach and feel the exciting nature vibrations.  Puppies are naturally attracted to the beach and are fun to watch as they connect with the source.  Curious creatures they are!

Terrace Beach Sunset photos here!