Astral beaches

Astral beaches 1
Astral beaches beauty
Astral Beaches Space Photos

I found an interesting App that makes beach photos into Astral Beaches.  This space photo app is easy to use and creates some amazing surreal images.

Astral beaches 2
Beach space photo

I love to hang out at the beach. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hang out on some of these cosmic beaches!

Astral beaches 3
psychedelic beach

The above astral beach is in a psychedelic state of being.  This beach would be for people who needed a vibrant and colorful vacation or place to hang out.   I would think that this beach would be popular with the psytrance tribes.

I hope you have enjoyed my space art creativity.  Please share with your friends if you like and thanks for your support!  Nora 🙂

Parksville beach psychedelic here!

Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard mandala
Cosmic space art
Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala

I created this Cosmic Red Lizard mandala art using Apophysis software.  This fractal art is meant to inspire you.  Motivated by reptile instinct this creature is know to be shy and wary of humans.

I am imagining that this intelligent psychedelic Lizard is out there in space – somewhere on a warm planet with lush vegetation.  Just use your imagination and see what far off places you can visit!

Happy Mandala Monday!  Fractals are cool!

Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey Fractal here

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Grand Julian Fractal here

Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Happy Fractal Friday everyone!   I have a passion for purple today with this fractal – Ultraviolet Cosmic karma.  Fractal creation thanks to Fractal Explorer and Paintshop Pro.

Have an awesome weekend and remember to save some time for your creativity.  Good cosmic karma to you if you follow my blog! 😉

Deep Space flower mandala art here!