Jump Gate to Mars New Music Release

Jump Gate To Mars
New Psytrance Music Release
Jump gate to Mars New music release

I’m very happy to announce my New Music Release Jump Gate to Mars!  Released just in time for festival season this psytrance song is sure to get your tribal rhythms activated for dancing on the surface of Mars.  As a science fiction fan I am very excited about future space travel.  Perhaps one day it will be easy to go to different planets using a new type of technology like a wormhole that would take you there instantly.  Not to mention, this would definitely be convenient and great for studying new planets.  Furthermore space exploration is a very interesting topic to me and I am looking forward to humanity expanding peacefully into the universe.

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Ecotones organic techno

Ecotones-music art and nature
Ecotones – organic techno
Ecotones organic techno

Please check out my new release Ecotones Organic Techno!  It has inspired me to create this new blog “Ecotones”.   “Ecotones” are present everywhere and all you have to do is listen to nature and embrace the zen and chill out vibes.  You’ll feel  better for it.

I am looking forward to developing this blog into a new music , fractal art and nature photography sensation.  At least it is a fantastic outlet for my creativity.

Jamaica mandala vibes here!

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