Sphinx New Music Release

Sphinx New Music Release
Sphinx New Music Release! (photo credit:Kevin Berg)
Sphinx New Music Release

Something new to energize your weekend – SPHINX New Music Release!  Like the ancient mysteries surrounding the Sphinx in Egypt this music captures the excitement and energy of this mythical beast.  All these ancient desert vibes  come together bringing  powerful surprises!   Can you answer the riddle of the Sphinx?

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Black Beauty Cosmic Nirvana Mix here for your listening pleasure.

Similar electronic music excitement here with my Mysterious Island Dub at link below!

Lava Heart New Music Release

New Music Release Lava Heart
New Electronic Music Release
New music release Lava Heart

Introducing to you for the first time, New Music Release Lava Heart!  Here is an electronic dance song to remind you that summer is still here in the northern hemisphere. Lava Heart is an experiment in energy and passion.  Also, I have added minimal vocal samples to bring in a human element to this house song.  Enjoy listening to my new song and if you like it please share with your friends and family.  I am very grateful that you have taken the time to visit my Ecotones blog.
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Also listen to Pulsar – New Cosmic Future House here!

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Bear mandala

Bear mandala
Animal mandala
Bear mandala

Happy Mandala Monday people with this bear mandala!  Original fractal created using fractal explorer.  I have so much fun creating!

Bear mandala tree
Bear mandala tree

Above is another Bear mandala mossy tree fractal.  I know that bears are at home in the forest so I wanted a nature mandala.

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Also African elephant mandala here

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Panda mandala here!