Parksville Wetlands walk

Parksville wetland maple tree sunshine
Parksville Wetlands walk

It was a wonderful summer day to have a Parksville Wetlands walk.  A great place to enjoy many different species of plants, animals and fungi.

Parksville Wetlands Walk
Great trails for dogs

A short distance to the trail head we passed through rolling meadows with hard hack blooming.  There is a gravel trail to walk on that changes into a soft forest path as you enter the main trail.  Also there is a sign so you know you are in the right place!

wetland meadows
wetland meadows

Over the railroad track and into the forest we go.  No trains are running on this track today but maybe one day the train will go by as it use to.

railroad tracks
old railroad tracks

The Oceanspray was blooming and the white flowers were draped everywhere on the paths.  I felt like I was in a magic forest.  It was very enchanting.

Enchanted forest
Enchanted forest

Beautiful red columbine flowers were also in bloom.  They are vibrant red in color so they really stand out.

Wetland Flowers
Red Columbine and Oceanspray blooms

In conclusion, I am very thankful for all these day trails in the Parksville area.  Easily accessible and a great place to find peace and serenity.  Chill out time in nature is important to body, mind and soul.

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Lupin Flower mandala


Happy Mandala Monday with this Lupin Flower mandala art!  A great start to the week with some flower power!  Especially gorgeous with great vibes all around you.

Lupin flower mandala
Lupinus flower power

For the most part fractals are easy and fun to create.  I use Paint shop Pro software on my original flower photos.   I apply the Kaleidoscope effect and voila instant mandala!

Lupins mandala
Flower power

Above this mandala has a particularly purple theme.  Beautiful flower blossoms multiplied into a unique arrangement.  Mandala art is cool!

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Trillium mandala

Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala

I am excited to share with you this Trillium Mandala art!  Spring has arrived.  This year at one of the local parks there were a lot of trillium flowers.  They are a lovely white color that really stands out in the underbrush of the forest.

Trillium Flower
Trillium Flower

Trillium flowers make pretty mandalas like the one below.  Natures’ fractals are eye-catching with the many shades of green.  Topped with a splash of white Trillium and you have lots of good vibes!

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Trillium mandala 2
Trillium flower fractal art

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