Trillium mandala

Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala

I am excited to share with you this Trillium Mandala art!  Spring has arrived.  This year at one of the local parks there were a lot of trillium flowers.  They are a lovely white color that really stands out in the underbrush of the forest.

Trillium Flower
Trillium Flower

Trillium flowers make pretty mandalas like the one below.  Natures’ fractals are eye-catching with the many shades of green.  Topped with a splash of white Trillium and you have lots of good vibes!

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Trillium mandala 2
Trillium flower fractal art

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms and mandala

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)
Turkey tail mushrooms

Hiking in the woods around Parksville, British Columbia reveals many lovely Turkey tail “shrooms”.  These layered mushrooms were growing on a decaying log  just off of a forest nature trail.   I must admit that these mushrooms were definitely some of the most interesting fungi I have seen in awhile.

All the color and textures contribute to a beautiful Turkey tail mandala.  As you can see the colors and textures worked out perfectly for this fractal.  Deep forest love would you believe!

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Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
 Mushroom mandala vibes

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Rain forest bird Stellar’s Jay

Rainforest Stellar Jay
Beautiful Rain forest Stellar’s Jay
Rain forest stellar’s jay

A bird friend called a rain forest Stellar’s Jay posed for me in Ucluelet today! This Stellar’s Jay was looking at me to provide a snack but I do not feed the wild animals at least not on this day!  🙂

Wild Pacific Cove Trail here

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Rainforest Stellars jay
a very inquisitive bird!

You will always know when there is a Jay around – they are very vocal birds.  With their keen eyes they will spot any minute quantity of food you may possess so watch your dinner carefully!

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