Cosmic Space fractals

Cosmic Space Fractal art
Cosmic Space Fractal
Cosmic Space Fractal

Really enjoyed creating these Cosmic Space fractals!  Alternate universes and distant galaxies makes cosmic space art very exciting.

Cosmic Planetary Metamorphosis
Cosmic Planetary Metamorphosis

Planets are born in clusters and gravitational waves slowly pull them apart as they begin their orbits around distant suns.

Cosmic Space Fractal 3
Galactic Home Star

The journey to the end of the Universe brings us back to our Galactic homeland.  Perhaps from the beginning we were never meant to go so far into the stars.

The above fractals were a created using a combination of Apophysis and SpaceFX apps.

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Astral Beaches in Space here!

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Astral beaches

Astral beaches 1
Astral beaches beauty
Astral Beaches Space Photos

I found an interesting App that makes beach photos into Astral Beaches.  This space photo app is easy to use and creates some amazing surreal images.

Astral beaches 2
Beach space photo

I love to hang out at the beach. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hang out on some of these cosmic beaches!

Astral beaches 3
psychedelic beach

The above astral beach is in a psychedelic state of being.  This beach would be for people who needed a vibrant and colorful vacation or place to hang out.   I would think that this beach would be popular with the psytrance tribes.

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Parksville beach psychedelic here!

Deep Forest fractals

Deep Forest fractal
Deep Forest fractal
Deep Forest Fractals Forest walk

A walk in the forest has inspired a few deep forest fractals.  I love the elements and textures of a well-evolved old growth forest.

Deep Forest stump mandala
Deep Forest stump mandala
Deep Forest Fractals cedar stumps

There are lots of old red cedar stumps in the forest that are perfect for nature mandalas.  Many old trees that have been cut down are kept alive by other trees in the area.  Their roots are nurtured and provided with nutrients by other plant roots for still unknown purposes.

Deep forest moss mandala
Deep forest moss mandala
Moss mandalas and Deep Forest Fractals

Deep forest moss is everywhere in the forest especially during the moist winter months in the Pacific Northwest Canada.  Their soft and intricate textures make a lovely mandala as above.

Take the time to walk in your special nature paradise especially when you feel your energy is low and you need to recharge.   Equally important, being in the deep forest helps me to focus on what is important in my life.  The modern world contains too many distractions.  These distractions can complicate your life and can cause depression.  When we walk in the deep forest we are returning to a default world full of fresh air and good nature vibes!  Consequently – how can you not feel better for it! 🙂

Trillium mandala here

Nature waterfall

nature waterfall

Nature Waterfall

Englishman River nature waterfall fractal.  A beautiful place to get lost with someone you love!

Hiking in the fall is wonderful time to be in nature.  Seeing all the colors of the deep forest puts me in a total chill out state of mind.

Elphin saddle mushroom
Elphin saddle (Helvella lacunosa) mushroom

This is my forest hike meditation and it keeps me mentally alive to help face the challenges of life.  Try it sometime and find some peace of mind.

Englishman River Falls nature photography
Englishman River waterfall

Englishman River in the summer here!

In the same fashion please watch this YouTube video I made of the Englishman River Falls.  Enjoy the electronic music and psychedelic waterfalls!  Please subscribe to my channel too!

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Radioactive psychedelic fractal

Radioactive psychedelic fractal
Psychedelic fractal art
Radioactive psychedelic fractal

A radioactive psychedelic fractal to brighten your day!
Fractal Explorer software was used for this psychedelic art.  It is easy software to learn.  For the most part I think this fractal looks similar to the radioactive symbol that is used in the science industry.

Below I created a psychedelic fractal column for fun.  If one were to climb this column it would be particularly hard to focus on the task at hand.  Meanwhile all that psychedelic color coming at you!  Afterward one may feel quite the uplift in energy.   A real color burst!

Psychedelic Fractal Column
Psychedelic Fractal Column

In essence the more colorful and vibrant the fractal the better it makes us feel.  Above all psychedelic fractal art combines lots of beautiful vibes.  With this in mind it’s time to create your own psychedelic fractals.   Try using your amazing imagination!

Psychedelic cell
Psychedelic cell fractal art

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