Nature waterfall

nature waterfall
Englishman River Falls fractal
Nature Waterfall

Englishman River nature waterfall fractal.  A beautiful place to get lost with someone you love!

Hiking in the fall is wonderful time to be in nature.  Seeing all the colors of of the deep forest puts me in a total chill out state of mind. This is my meditation and it keeps me mentally alive to help face the challenges of life.  Try it sometime and find peace of mind.

Englishman River in the summer here!

In the same fashion please watch this video of the Englishman River Falls.

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African elephant mandala

African elephant mandala
Fractal mandala vibes
African elephant mandala

Today’s animal mandala is an African elephant mandala.  A beautiful and majestic fractal coupled with a mammal of grand proportions from the continent of Africa.  As you can see there is a magnificence of large proportions in this beastly art.  I can only imagine coming face to face with this beautiful creature!  All in all it would be an unforgettable experience.

Equally important I wish to say Happy Mandala Monday everyone!
Have a great start to the week and keep on being creative! 🙂

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Radioactive psychedelic fractal

Radioactive psychedelic fractal
Psychedelic fractal art
Radioactive psychedelic fractal

A radioactive psychedelic fractal to brighten your day!
Fractal Explorer software was used for this psychedelic art.  It is easy software to learn.  For the most part I think this fractal looks similar to the radioactive symbol that is used in the science industry.

Below I created a psychedelic fractal column for fun.  If one were to climb this column it would be particularly hard to focus on the task at hand.  Meanwhile all that psychedelic color coming at you!  Afterward one may feel quite the uplift in energy.   A real color burst!

Psychedelic Fractal Column
Psychedelic Fractal Column

In essence the more colorful and vibrant the fractal the better it makes us feel.  Above all psychedelic fractal art combines lots of beautiful vibes.  With this in mind it’s time to create your own psychedelic fractals.   Try using your amazing imagination!

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Lupin Flower mandala


Happy Mandala Monday with this Lupin Flower mandala art!  A great start to the week with some flower power!  Especially gorgeous with great vibes all around you.

Lupin flower mandala
Lupinus flower power

For the most part fractals are easy and fun to create.  I use Paint shop Pro software on my original flower photos.   I apply the Kaleidoscope effect and voila instant mandala!

Lupins mandala
Flower power

Above this mandala has a particularly purple theme.  Beautiful flower blossoms multiplied into a unique arrangement.  Mandala art is cool!

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