Lupin Flower mandala


Happy Mandala Monday with this Lupin Flower mandala art!  A great start to the week with some flower power!  Especially gorgeous with great vibes all around you.

Lupin flower mandala
Lupinus flower power

For the most part fractals are easy and fun to create.  I use Paint shop Pro software on my original flower photos.   I apply the Kaleidoscope effect and voila instant mandala!

Lupins mandala
Flower power

Above this mandala has a particularly purple theme.  Beautiful flower blossoms multiplied into a unique arrangement.  Mandala art is cool!

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Turkey tail mushrooms mandala here



Panda mandala vibes

Panda mandala VIBES

Happy Giant Panda Mandala Vibes Monday everyone!

This panda creates a fractal mandala with many layers and textures. “If you look carefully you will see fractal butterflies and beetles” … an entomologist comments to herself. ☺

I hope this fractal art will inspire you to be creative in your greatness.  🙂

Panda mandala
psychedelic mandala

I’m having so much fun I thought I would share another mandala.  Particularly psychedelic I would say!   With this in mind I think it is your turn to create an animal mandala.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein said.

Panda mandala 2
Psychedelic fractal art

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One more panda mandala for you to enjoy below!

Panda mandala vibes blue
Panda mandala vibes blue

Bear mandala here



Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala

I created this Cosmic Red Lizard mandala art using Apophysis software.  This fractal art is meant to inspire you!

Motivated by reptile instinct this creature is known to be shy and wary of humans.

Cosmic Red Lizard Glitch
radial waves of lizard energy

I am imagining that this intelligent psychedelic Lizard is out there in space – somewhere on a warm planet with lush vegetation.  Just use your imagination and see what far off places you can visit!

Cosmic Red Lizard Glitched
glitched into another dimension

Glitch art goes well with this cosmic red lizard!  Out of phase this creature is tuning into your frequency.  Watch out!

Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala Glitched
glitch art

Happy Mandala Monday!  Fractals and glitch art are cool!

Cosmic Mushroom Odyssey Fractal here

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Grand Julian Fractal here

Trillium mandala

Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala
Trillium mandala

I am excited to share with you this Trillium Mandala art!  Spring has arrived.  This year at one of the local parks there were a lot of trillium flowers.  They are a lovely white color that really stands out in the underbrush of the forest.

Trillium Flower
Trillium Flower

Trillium flowers make pretty mandalas like the one below.  Natures’ fractals are eye-catching with the many shades of green.  Topped with a splash of white Trillium and you have lots of good vibes!

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Trillium mandala 2
Trillium flower fractal art

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