Jamaica mandala vibes

Jamaica mandala vibes
digital fractal art

Jamaica mandala vibes

Some Jamaica mandala vibes to celebrate the beautiful summer weather we have been having!  Additionally, I love to share my fractal art to brighten your day.  There is so much stress in our world that it is nice to take a break and enjoy some digital art.

Jamaica mandala art
colorful mandala art

Jamaican colors are so vibrant and lively.  They really create a positive vibe.

Jamaica mandala digital art
digital art

Above, I created a sea star designed Jamaican colors mandala.  All those color waves are pretty cool.

Also, I hope you have an awesome day and spread the summer vibe.   Comments are welcome and always appreciated.  🙂

Heritage forest stump mandala art here!

In the same vibe category and equally “sunny” is the following Reggaeton song that I wrote – Rude Boy Reggaeton.  This song is pure fun with a driving beat to keep you on the dance floor.

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Bear mandala

Bear mandala
Animal mandala
Bear mandala

Happy Mandala Monday people with this bear mandala!  Original fractal created using fractal explorer.  I have so much fun creating!

Bear mandala tree
Bear mandala tree

Above is another Bear mandala mossy tree fractal.  I know that bears are at home in the forest so I wanted a nature mandala.

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Also African elephant mandala here

I have been creating mandalas and fractal art on line since 2009. Please share with your friends and have an awesome week.

Also please support your favorite artists and musicians.  We can not survive without your love and support.  We create for you!

Panda mandala here!

Turkey Tail Mushrooms and mandala

Turkey Tail Mushrooms mandala2-web
Turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)
Turkey tail mushrooms

Hiking in the woods around Parksville, British Columbia reveals many lovely Turkey tail mushrooms.  These layered fungi were growing on a decaying log  just off of a forest nature trail.   I must admit that these mushrooms were definitely some of the most interesting fungi I have seen in awhile.

All the colors and textures contribute to a beautiful Turkey tail mandala.  As you can see it all comes together in perfect harmony for these fractals.  Deep forest love would you believe!

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Mushroom mandala vibes

More Amanita mushrooms here!

Turkey Tail Mushrooms mandala 2
Another variation of a Turkey Tail mandala

Happy Mandala Monday and thanks for checking out my blog.  Please share with your friends as well!  I am very grateful for your support!

Turkey Tail Mushroom and mandala vibes