Turkey Tail Mushrooms and mandala

Turkey Tail Mushrooms mandala2-web
Turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)
Turkey tail mushrooms

Hiking in the woods around Parksville, British Columbia reveals many lovely Turkey tail mushrooms.  These layered fungi were growing on a decaying log  just off of a forest nature trail.   I must admit that these mushrooms were definitely some of the most interesting fungi I have seen in awhile.

All the colors and textures contribute to a beautiful Turkey tail mandala.  As you can see it all comes together in perfect harmony for these fractals.  Deep forest love would you believe!

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Mushroom mandala vibes

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms mandala 2
Another variation of a Turkey Tail mandala

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Turkey Tail Mushroom and mandala vibes