Mushroom Garden Fractal Vibes

Mushroom garden fractal
Mushroom garden fractal vibes
Mushroom Garden Fractal Vibes

Please come and walk in my Mushroom Garden Fractal Vibes cosmic garden.
These are Fractal Explorer mushroom fractals with a touch of Paint Shop Pro.

mushroom fractal psychedelic
mushroom fractal glow

There is something special about mushrooms. They are part of the intelligent design of all living things!

Fractal Mushrooms mandala
Fractal Mushrooms mandala

Fractal Mushrooms mandala above to brighten your day.  I love the colorful, fractal vibrations.

Check out some cool fractal glitch art below.

Fractal Mushrooms Glitch art
Fractal Mushrooms Glitch art

Deep Space Flower mandala here

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Turkey Tail mushrooms deep dream

turkey tail mushroom deepdream blue
Turkey Tail Mushrooms deep dream
Turkey Tail Mushrooms deep dream
Turkey tail mushrooms

These Turkey tail mushrooms deep dream come alive with the Deep dream app Dreamscope.

deep dream color vibes

Nature contains many realities.  These realities exist for your peace of mind.

turkey tail mushroom deepdream blue
avatar glow

Original Turkey tail mushrooms photo here!

Lots of fun creating these deep dream images.  I feel good!

turkey tail mushroom deep dream black and white
dreaming in black and white with minimal color

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Eagle psychedelic

Eagle psychedelic
psychedelic fractal art
Eagle psychedelic

Happy Fractal Friday with Eagle psychedelic fractal art!  Digital art with a beautiful blend of colors and natural textures.  To create this art I first used fractal explorer software.  Then I created a composite using paintshop pro with my original bald eagle photo.

eagle vibes

This eagle soars to new heights of psychedelia!  Psynature (psychedelic + nature) art is fun to try.  I used some cool blue and pinks on the eagle below.

Eagle Psychedelic3
I love eagles!

Similarly please check out some of my other psychedelic designs.  Would you believe… my website photogallery contains more than 400 psychedelic, fractal, and mandala digital art photos?  You have to see them to believe it!

Photogallery webpage here!


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