Wild Pacific Trail cove

Wild Pacific Trail cove
Wild Pacific Trail cove
Wild Pacific Trail

Take a walkabout on the wild side in Ucluelet, Canada to see this Wild Pacific Trail cove.  Here there are many scenic spots to enjoy the power of nature at its best! The trail is not difficult to hike and you can walk smaller sections of it if you wish.

Wild Pacific Trail views
Wild Pacific Trail views

As you can see the views from the trail are spectacular.  Remember to bring a camera to capture all this beautiful scenery.

Rhododendron on the Wild Pacific Trail
Rhododendron on the Wild Pacific Trail

We were very lucky to spot this rhododendron in bloom.   Completely surrounded by beautiful greens rhododendrons sure stand out vividly.

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Terrace Beach Lookout

Terrace Beach Lookout
Terrace Beach Lookout
Terrace Beach lookout

A beautiful hike on the Wild Pacific Trail takes you to the Terrace Beach Lookout. Lots of amazing photo opportunities and a great way to connect to wild nature!

Terrace beach lookout 2
windswept forest

The forest around the lookout is thick and windswept, a direct result of the Pacific winter storms.  Today a calmness overcomes the forest and the stillness is mesmerizing in its totality.  Cosmic consciousness begins here – where nature and human connect.

Terrace lookout 3 mossy forest
mossy forest

Moisture is continuous in this mossy forest.  Notice all the different shades of green in the many layers of forest.  The air smells sweet and organic connecting with us deep in our lungs.  I couldn’t feel any better on such a beautiful day!

Go find your own nature to explore and heal today. 🙂

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Rain forest bird Stellar’s Jay

Rainforest Stellar Jay
Beautiful Rain forest Stellar’s Jay
Rain forest stellar’s jay

A bird friend called a rain forest Stellar’s Jay posed for me in Ucluelet today! This Stellar’s Jay was looking at me to provide a snack but I do not feed the wild animals at least not on this day!  🙂

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Rainforest Stellars jay
a very inquisitive bird!

You will always know when there is a Jay around – they are very vocal birds.  With their keen eyes they will spot any minute quantity of food you may possess so watch your dinner carefully!

Thank you for visiting my brand new blog.  I look forward to sharing many nature experiences with you.  🙂

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