Jump Gate to Mars New Music Release

Jump Gate To Mars
New Psytrance Music Release
Jump gate to Mars New music release

I’m very happy to announce my New Music Release Jump Gate to Mars!  Released just in time for festival season this psytrance song is sure to get your tribal rhythms activated for dancing on the surface of Mars.  As a science fiction fan I am very excited about future space travel.  Perhaps one day it will be easy to go to different planets using a new type of technology like a wormhole that would take you there instantly.  Not to mention, this would definitely be convenient and great for studying new planets.  Furthermore space exploration is a very interesting topic to me and I am looking forward to humanity expanding peacefully into the universe.

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Also Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix here!  

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Happy World Oceans Day

Happy Worlds Ocean Day
Happy Worlds Ocean Day
Happy World Oceans Day

A great Happy World Oceans day to think about how important our oceans are and why we have to try harder to keep them clean and productive.  Next time you take a walk on the beach take a bag and clean up a little…if we all did this it will make a difference.  Our reliance on plastic also needs to change so we can keep it out of the oceans. There are a lot of great young minds working on these challenges so make sure you support science and innovation.  We are so lucky to have all this water in our lives. 🙂

World Oceans Day
Ferry Sunset Ride

Happy World Oceans Day everyone and remember to say no to plastic soda straws!

Eagle Crest summer beach here!

Ecotones organic techno

Ecotones-music art and nature
Ecotones – organic techno
Ecotones organic techno

Please check out my new release Ecotones Organic Techno!  It has inspired me to create this new blog “Ecotones”.   “Ecotones” are present everywhere and all you have to do is listen to nature and embrace the zen and chill out vibes.  You’ll feel  better for it.

I am looking forward to developing this blog into a new music , fractal art and nature photography sensation.  At least it is a fantastic outlet for my creativity.

Jamaica mandala vibes here!

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By the same token please listen to Lava Heart here!

Turkey Tail Mushrooms and mandala

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)
Turkey tail mushrooms

Hiking in the woods around Parksville, British Columbia reveals many lovely Turkey tail “shrooms”.  These layered mushrooms were growing on a decaying log  just off of a forest nature trail.   I must admit that these mushrooms were definitely some of the most interesting fungi I have seen in awhile.

All the color and textures contribute to a beautiful Turkey tail mandala.  As you can see the colors and textures worked out perfectly for this fractal.  Deep forest love would you believe!

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Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
 Mushroom mandala vibes

More mushrooms here!

Terrace Beach Lookout

Terrace Beach Lookout
Terrace Beach Lookout
Terrace Beach lookout

A beautiful hike on the Wild Pacific Trail takes you to the Terrace Beach Lookout. Lots of amazing photo opportunities and a great way to connect to wild nature!

Terrace beach lookout 2
windswept forest

The forest around the lookout is thick and windswept, a direct result of the Pacific winter storms.  Today a calmness overcomes the forest and the stillness is mesmerizing in its totality.  Cosmic consciousness begins here – where nature and human connect.

Terrace lookout 3 mossy forest
mossy forest

Moisture is continuous in this mossy forest.  Notice all the different shades of green in the many layers of forest.  The air smells sweet and organic connecting with us deep in our lungs.  I couldn’t feel any better on such a beautiful day!

Go find your own nature to explore and heal today. 🙂

Surfing at Pacific Rim National Park here!