Nanaimo Harbor

Nanaimo harbor
Nanaimo harbor
Nanaimo harbor
Nanaimo Harbor

We really enjoyed a beautiful spring day down at the Nanaimo Harbor.  The blues from the ocean below and sky above were spectacular.  We also found lots of small shops to shop.  As well as shopping many people were enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Nanaimo harbor views
harbor views

A nice seawall walk at the waters edge takes you as far as you wish to walk.  There are lots of benches to sit on to enjoy a coffee and the view.  This is a peaceful and serene place in the middle of a city.

Bastion built in 1853-55

Standing tall in the harbor is the Bastion which was built by the Hudson’s Bay Company to defend its coal-mining resources.  We couldn’t go inside the building since it was shut for the winter.  This gives us a reason to come back again!

Parksville Beach Sand-Sculpting here!

Riptide New Music Release

Riptide New Music Release logo
Riptide New Music Release
Riptide New  Music
Riptide New Music Release

With great pleasure I present Riptide New Music Release!  This song is inspired by watery elements and is dedicated to all my surfing friends.  Swim through an ocean of electronic sequences coupled with organic-infused electronic beats.  Fresh new music for all the fun you will have surfing the waves.

Please share with your friends and thanks for your support!  I work hard to bring you new songs every month of the year!

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Also please listen to Deep Dive into the Abyss!

Waveforms New Music Release here

Aquasonic New Music Release

Aquasonic New Music Release
New Electronic Music Release
New Music Release

I am very excited to announce my New Music Release of “Aquasonic”.  This song captures the essence of my “watery” Pisces personality.  Try some glitch hop, chillstep electronic music … complete with down tempo grooves and then coupled with organic-infused electronic beats.

I hope you enjoy my new song and I would be so grateful if you could please share it with your friends. Thanks for your support!

Peace and love

Nora  🙂

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Ecotones organic techno here



Black Lab Nature

Black Lab Nature

Always happy to get outside with my best friend and share some black lab  nature with you.

Black Lab Nature 1
Black Lab at West Coast beach

The wild and natural beaches of the West Coast of Canada are perfect for a game of fetch.

Black Lab Nature 2
Spider Lake swim

Labrador dogs love the water. Swimming in Spider Lake is a real treat!  The water is clean and cool just the way dogs love it in the summer months.

Black Lab Nature 3
Parksville beach time

Wading in the warmer waters at Parksville beach is spa treatment for a lab dog who loves the water!

Go Play Outside with your Dog!

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Georgia Strait views

Georgia Strait Views sunset
Georgia Strait sunset
Georgia Strait views

Beautiful Georgia Strait views await you all year round.  The ocean and the mainland mountains are perfect for nature photography.

Georgia Strait Views Mount Churchill
Mount Churchill

Close ups of the distant Churchill Mountain truly take your breath away.  Just imagine being on that boat and taking in all the scenery.

Georgia Strait Views
Views looking over to the Sunshine Coast

The colors of the ocean keep you coming back for more.  So many different shades of greens and blues.  Enjoy some nature in your area and be grateful for its presence.

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