Wickaninnish beach Pacific Rim National Park

Wickaninnish beach
Beach in Pacific Rim National Park
Wickaninnish beach Pacific Rim

Wickaninnish beach Pacific Rim National Park is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.  A favorite place of mine to unwind and chill for awhile.

Wickaninnish beach love
Wickaninnish beach love

Only one of many spectacular beaches in the park, this beach seems endless and is a great walk to take if you like to be out on soft sand for hours at a time.

Wickaninnish beach 2018
Endless beach

There are many activities like surfing, paddle-boarding and kayaking that are perfect at this beach between chill times of course.  Enjoy some beach time today!
Life’s a beach!

Surfing at Pacific Rim National Park here!

Parksville beach psychedelic

Parksville Beach psychedelic
Parksville Beach psychedelic vibes
Parksville beach psychedelic

We are looking forward to spending some time on beautiful Parksville beach this Canada Day holiday weekend!  I have added some psychedelic splash to the beach to keep it interesting and of course, very colorful.  Combining fractals together with nature photography becomes a very inspirational psychedelic  adventure.  Let your inner artist be free with psychedelic fractal art. 🙂
Also I wish everyone a very Happy Fractal Friday!

Eagle Psychedelic photo!


More psychedelic art here!

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice
Summer Solstice
Happy Solstice 2017

Happy Solstice everyone!  I am excited that summer is here and it is a perfect day to hit the beach!   Life is a beach especially when it is sunny and warm. Sometimes we take for granted the beauty and healing properties of nature.  The sun is always best at the beach and it warms the ocean so that we can play in the waves.

Psychedelic Solstice Celebration
Psychedelic Solstice Celebration

With a little imagination you can have a psychedelic solstice celebration.  Art opens your mind to the infinite possibilities.  Combine art and nature as in the above photo and you have found your happy place.

Enjoy your celebrations and remember to take your garbage with you.

Happy World Oceans Day here!

Vancouver Island Beaches

Vancouver Island Beaches
Vancouver Island Beaches Oceanside
Vancouver Island Beaches

Everyday is an awesome day to visit Vancouver Island beaches.  There are many beaches to choose from and many of them are sandy.  Together with the sandy beach are the beautiful ocean waves.

This is Zen time on the beach.  All my senses come alive with nature’s soul vibes embracing me.  Furthermore nature’s beauty is infinite.

Florencia Bay Beach
Florencia Bay Beach

Florencia Bay beach in Pacific Rim National Parks is a real gem.  As well as its beauty this beach is remote and relatively untouched by humans.  Remember to take out your trash and keep the beaches clean.

Have a great day and Happy Father’s Day Dad!! xo 🙂

Terrace beach sunsets here

Terrace Beach Have a Great Day
Terrace Beach

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