Terrace Beach Sunset

Terrace Beach sunset
Terrace Beach sunset
Terrace beach sunset

Nature is an amazing place to spend time especially for a Terrace Beach sunset!  After a wonderful day hiking the Wild Pacific Trail we took another walk to the beach for this spectacular sunset.

Terrace Beach sunset 2
Beautiful Pacific Rim sunset

Terrace Beach is located in the town of Ucluelet on the Pacific Rim of Canada.  It is a wonderful place during the day for beach-combing, paddle boarding or just to enjoy the sun and surf.   The sunsets are fabulous here and I am thankful to see this particular one.

Terrace Beach sunset colors
Terrace Beach sunset colors

Fall is the time for many different colors especially during sunset.  Chill out on the beach and enjoy the atmospheric peacefulness.  The moment of the sun setting had an ethereal presence about it.

Terrace Beach Sunset Love
Sunset love

Enjoying a sunset is easy everywhere so take the time to catch one in your nature areas.  You will be happier that you did because nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality.  Being in nature makes you feel better!

Terrace Beach Sunset 2021

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Wickaninnish beach in Pacific Rim National Park here


Field of Heaven New Music Release

Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release

I am happy to announce my new music release Field of Heaven!  I have composed this uplifting trance production to help you feel better.

Enjoy listening to it over the holidays and please share with your friends if you like it.

Field of Heaven logo

The photo I used to make the logo is of Kennedy Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada.  This earthly paradise or somewhat celestial realm is perfect for my on-going theme of peace and love.  It was a beautiful sunrise and it made me feel like I was close to heaven.

Thanks for listening.  I am very grateful for your support!  😎


Desert Mirage house music here!