Parksville beach psychedelic

Parksville Beach psychedelic
Parksville Beach psychedelic vibes
Parksville beach psychedelic

We are looking forward to spending some time on beautiful Parksville beach this Canada Day holiday weekend!  I have added some psychedelic splash to the beach to keep it interesting and of course, very colorful.  Combining fractals together with nature photography becomes a very inspirational psychedelic  adventure.  Let your inner artist be free with psychedelic fractal art. 🙂
Also I wish everyone a very Happy Fractal Friday!

Eagle Psychedelic photo!


More psychedelic art here!

Jamaica mandala vibes

Jamaica mandala vibes
psychedelic fractal art
Jamaica mandala

Some Jamaica mandala vibes to celebrate the beautiful summer weather we have been having!  Additionally I love to share my fractal art to brighten your day.  There is so much stress in our world that it is nice to take a break and enjoy some art.

Also I hope you have an awesome day and spread the summer vibe.   Comments are welcome and always appreciated. 🙂

Heritage forest stump mandala art here!

In the same vibe category and equally “sunny” is the following Reggaeton song that I wrote – Rude Boy Reggaeton.  This song is pure fun with a driving beat to keep you on the dance floor.

Bear mandala

Bear mandala
Animal fractal mandala
Bear mandala vibes

Happy Mandala Monday people with this bear mandala!  Original fractal created using fractal explorer.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am grateful for your support!

Also African elephant mandala here

I have been creating mandalas and fractal art on line since 2009! Please share with your friends and have an awesome week.  Also please support your favorite artists and musicians.  We can not survive without your love and support.  We create for you!

Panda mandala here!