Deep space flower mandala

Deep space flower mandala
Mandala fractal art
Deep space flower mandala Monday

Mandala meditation in space may begin with something like this.  Imagine the beauty and mystery of space .   These uplifting, shimmering purples create unique galactic vibes.  I hope you enjoy my mandala astral art and please share with your friends!  Thanks for your support and please share this blog with your friends.

I created this mandala using Apophysis and Paintshop Pro.

Keep looking up and look for inspiration.  Above and beyond.

Deep Space Flower Mandala design on Cafe Press

Also remember that you are as creative as you want to be!

Similarly another flower mandala here!

Lupin Flower mandala


Happy Mandala Monday with this Lupin Flower mandala art!  A great start to the week with some flower power!  Especially gorgeous with great vibes all around you.

Lupin flower mandala
Lupinus flower power

For the most part fractals are easy and fun to create.  I use Paint shop Pro software on my original flower photos.   I apply the Kaleidoscope effect and voila instant mandala!

Lupins mandala
Flower power

Above this mandala has a particularly purple theme.  Beautiful flower blossoms multiplied into a unique arrangement.  Mandala art is cool!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Please share with your friends.  I am very grateful for your support.

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala here



Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma
Ultraviolet cosmic karma

Happy Fractal Friday everyone!   I have a passion for purple today with this fractal – Ultraviolet Cosmic karma.  Fractal creation thanks to Fractal Explorer and Paintshop Pro.

Have an awesome weekend and remember to save some time for your creativity.  Good cosmic karma to you if you follow my blog! 😉

Deep Space flower mandala art here!

Karma botanical deep dream

Karma botanical deep dream
Deep dream AI image
Karma botanical deep dream

Sharing this karma botanical deep dream image with you today.  I created this art using Dreamscope app on a Fractal Explorer fractal.  As shown above Karma botanical deep dream takes you on a soul journey into the colours of deep purple karma and its manifestations.

Ghost Pipe deep dream blue
deep dream ghostpipe plant  image

Above is a deep dream image of a ghost pipe plant.  This is a parasitic plant that grows in deep forests.   It feeds off trees through fungal relationships that take place in the soil.

Ghost Pipe Plant Deep Dream Here!

Good Karma to everyone today and everyday. 🙂

Original fractal Cosmic Karma Plant here!