Amanita muscaria mushroom

Amanita muscaria
Amanita muscaria mushroom
Amanita muscaria

Walking through the forest today I came upon a beautiful mushroom known as Amanita muscaria  .   With its stunning red with white spots this mushroom definitely looks vibrant.   Nature is indeed exciting and often full of many surprises.  In addition there are psychoactive properties associated with this mushroom when it is eaten.   It is well know that squirrels will have a few bites of this forest mushroom.  I guess we will just have to ask the squirrels about this psychoactive claim!

Amanita mushroom trippy deep dream
trippy deep dream image

I love the above image of a deep dream Amanita.  It illustrates that the forest floor is alive and occupied by mythical life forms that we can only imagine!  When we are walking through a forest we do not see a lot of the creatures that live there.  Sit down in a forest for a short while and you will often see the creatures of the forest reveal themselves to you.  By being silent you will notice a lot of small movements of the forest creatures like birds, banana slugs and small rodents.  If you are patient you will always be rewarded!

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Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala

I created this Cosmic Red Lizard mandala art using Apophysis software.  This fractal art is meant to inspire you!

Motivated by reptile instinct this creature is known to be shy and wary of humans.

Cosmic Red Lizard Glitch
radial waves of lizard energy

I am imagining that this intelligent psychedelic Lizard is out there in space – somewhere on a warm planet with lush vegetation.  Just use your imagination and see what far off places you can visit!

Cosmic Red Lizard Glitched
glitched into another dimension

Glitch art goes well with this cosmic red lizard!  Out of phase this creature is tuning into your frequency.  Watch out!

Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala Glitched
glitch art

Happy Mandala Monday!  Fractals and glitch art are cool!

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