Cosmic Red Lizard mandala

Cosmic Red Lizard mandala
Cosmic Red Lizard mandala
Cosmic Red Lizard Mandala

Happy Mandala Monday!  Cosmic Red Lizard mandala created using Apophysis software.

I am imagining that this intelligent Cosmic Red Lizard is out there in space – somewhere on a warm planet with lush vegetation. Just use your imagination and see what far off places you can visit!

Grand Julian Fractal here

Otherworldly presence

Otherworldly presence
Space fractal art
Otherworldly presence

If we look close enough we just might find what we are looking for.  Happy fractal Friday!  I created “Otherworldly presence” using Apophysis and Paintshop Pro.  Together these software tools are powerfully creative!

Cosmic Space fractals cool here

In any event do you believe we are alone in the universe?  Recent astronomical studies reveal the discovery of millions of galaxies in our solar system.  Furthermore we have only recently started to explore the universe so how do we know what’s out there?

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Jump Gate to Mars New Music Release

Jump Gate To Mars
New Psytrance Music Release
Jump gate to Mars New music release

I’m very happy to announce my New Music Release Jump Gate to Mars!  Released just in time for festival season this psytrance song is sure to get your tribal rhythms activated for dancing on the surface of Mars.  As a science fiction fan I am very excited about future space travel.  Perhaps one day it will be easy to go to different planets using a new type of technology like a wormhole that would take you there instantly.  Not to mention, this would definitely be convenient and great for studying new planets.  Furthermore space exploration is a very interesting topic to me and I am looking forward to humanity expanding peacefully into the universe.

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