Little Qualicum Falls

Little Qualicum Falls vibes
Little Qualicum Falls trail
Snowy trail in to Little Qualicum Falls
little qualicum falls

A short but slippery hike in to Little Qualicum Falls.  Beautiful green shades contrasted against the snow make you feel like you are in a fantasy world of nature.  It is extremely quiet today until we turn a corner and start to hear the falls.

Little Qualicum falls spring
full view of the falls

A slight mist in the air helps create a vibrant scene of water cascading down a rocky gorge.  Truly an elemental nature experience.  A person could be mesmerized for hours staring at all this lovely water.

Little Qualicum Falls vibes
Elemental water vibes

The closer you look the better it gets.  You can really feel the spirit of the deep forest waterfall.  It is a special healing experience hiking into this gem of nature.  Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality.

Little Qualicum Falls closeup
waterfalls closeup

We really enjoyed this short deep forest walk to the Falls.  There are longer walks you can take if you wish.   This park is very easy to access and the parking is great.  I recommend it to anyone who loves nature.  Please check the link below for more information on the park.

Provincial Park info here

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Sengen Sama fractal art

fractal art
Sengen Sama fractal art

Fractal art representing Sengen-Sama the Japanese Shinto Goddess of Mt. Fujiyama.  Climb the sacred mountain to attain inner guidance and perspective on your life.  As the flower buds mature, try to find growth and maturity in your own life.  Spiritually we grow as we navigate the mountain paths. Twisting and turning,  we slowly gain elevation to the temple Goddess.  In essence, together we greet the rising sun on this sacred mountain knowing that each day we are grateful to begin again.  Many lessons are learned on this sacred mountain journey.  These lessons continue throughout our lives so that we may teach others.

Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala
Cosmic Chakra Energy mandala

Above the energy mandala I created projects an aura of cosmic awareness.  Color is a spiritual healer and that is why art is so important to humans.

The colors below remind me of the ocean.  I like to create fractals that are inspired by nature.  Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality.

Ringmaker fractal art
Ringmaker fractal art

Please support the arts in your community to inspire others to create and share their talents.  Many artists are shy and they need to be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

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