Field of Heaven New Music Release

Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release

I am happy to announce my new music release Field of Heaven!  In the music category of uplifting trance, I have composed this song to make you feel better.   A strong piano melody combined with FX forms the rhythmic structure of this trance composition.  Most of the samples are from  I find their samples exceptional in their sonic quality and as a performing musician I am very particular with sound quality.  Enjoy listening to it over the holidays and please share with your friends if you like it.

Field of Heaven logo

The photo I used to make the logo is of Kennedy Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada.  This earthly paradise or somewhat celestial realm is perfect for my on-going theme of peace and love.  It was a beautiful sunrise and it made me feel like I was on heaven’s doorstep.

Thanks for your support!

Nora 🙂

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